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  1. Trailer - 47 Ronin
  2. Unbeatable: MMA movie from Hong Kong
  3. Boxing+Enlarged Prostate=Knife Defense
  4. Tommy Morrison Dead At 44
  5. Serbian President Gets Judo Blackbelt
  6. Louisiana Bans Fighters With Breast Implants
  7. Embattled boxing Judge CJ Ross steps down
  8. Ken Norton dead at 70
  9. East Timor bans Pencak Silat amid violence
  10. Fencer stops robbery
  11. Aikido teacher arrested for bank robbery
  12. Average Man's Body
  13. MMA fighter and former cop goes to Supreme Court
  14. "Super Hero" School Opening
  15. Jiu Jutsu Practitioner stops armed robbery
  16. Wrestling in diplomacy (Japanese diplomat wrestles in Sudan)
  17. Chess boxing growing (in India, at least...)
  18. Phil Rothfield Trolls UFC Fight Night 33
  19. Sugart Shane Mosley Calls It A Career
  20. Baby Jake Matlala dead at 51.
  21. Mikhail Kalashnikov dies at 94
  22. Holiday Self Defense Skills
  23. UK Court Refuses Man's Demand for Trial by Combat
  24. MMA fighter defends home against 4 Gangbangers, kills 1.
  25. Judo & Pepper Spray...Nice.
  26. Hiroo Onoda, WWII Legend, dies at 91
  27. Pope was a bouncer
  28. Pro MMA fighter dies from injuries
  29. Julia Ernst, record-breaking high school wrestler
  30. MMA linked to high incidence of TBI
  31. Hurricane Carter Dead
  32. mma biker arrested in America land.
  33. Willy Nelson gets his 5th Degree BB
  34. UFC fighter Cathal Pendred tries to save Dolphin
  35. San Diego area karate instructor arrested for sex with a minor
  36. Y U have a face like this? (Seriously: our faces evolved to take punches...)
  37. Gas Station Clerk MMA Fighter Foils Robbery Attempt By Three Men
  38. Expert in compliant partner training takes on two burglars
  39. MMA Fighter beats girlfriend, runs from police
  40. CNN on Burmese boxing (lethwei)