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  1. HOF Boxer Carmen Basilio Dead
  2. Nunchucks Are Banned in California...Except in Martial Arts Schools
  3. There is hope - the last ninja
  4. Israeli Mother-of-Four Fights off Terrorist with Martial Arts
  5. Women Bodyguards in China
  6. TKD BB defends pub/family from 3 intruders
  7. Possible Superfight?
  8. Mark Hominick Retiring
  9. Hedge and Jeff Monson are going to beat up Fox News
  10. Resolution Motivation
  11. Human evolution, punching and "buttressing"
  12. Judo Sensei Assault Case Dismissed
  13. An open letter to the martial arts community from Ryan Hall
  14. CNN Exclusive "Ninja History 101"
  15. Aikido, fish and chips and a screwdriver in the ribcage
  16. IOC drops Wrestling from 2020 Olympics
  17. Seagal & Arpaio Team Up to Bring Heavily Armed Criminals Into Schools! Kids Safe Now!
  18. Commando chokes out Taliban set to train Special Forces
  19. First transgender MMA fighter
  20. Boxer vs. Twitter troll
  21. Vladimir Putin teams up with Steven Seagal
  22. Chuvalo Still A Model of Perseverance
  23. Mitrione suspended after transphobic comments
  24. Sword training final pays off, for this guy.
  25. Finally, TKD gets teh r33l [email protected]
  26. Jujitsu Stomp Killer had Violent Past
  27. Bartitsu in the news (courtesy Sherlock Holmes)
  28. "U.S. female sailor beats Dubai rapist bus driver into submission"
  29. Georges St-Pierre lands Monsters University role
  30. New 20 Year Study Shows Exercise has Strong Anti-Cancer and Survival Rate Effects
  31. Man carrying umbrella that looked like sword arrested
  32. BJJ goes mainstream - marriage proposal in triangle
  33. Seagal assists Rep. Dana Rohrabacher getting meetings in Russia
  34. Shaolin master serial killer suspect
  35. Connecticut and Canada pass laws allowing MMA
  36. Louisiana - what's wrong with you? Another WWE emulation killing
  37. Martial Arts Van Driver Denied Bond On Drunk Driving Charge
  38. MMA Pro Instigates Gas Station Fight, MMA Pro Friend In Critical Condition
  39. War not the driving force of ancient human history
  40. Emile Griffith is dead