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  1. Ninja Burglar Sentenced to Prison
  2. Cuban boxer Teofilo Stevenson dead
  3. Uk MA radio show.
  4. Jujitsu trainer of the Suffragette bodyguards to be honored with plaque
  5. RIP Jesse Glover
  6. Abuse in martial arts/sports, BBC Radio show
  7. Sword Wielding Man Attacks Police Tactical Team!
  8. Kickboxer wishes he'd been hit first to save a life
  9. MMA, insha'allah
  10. Kayla Harrison, the best US hope for a Gold in Judo
  11. Pro boxer beats up a guy in a wheelchair
  12. Kayla Harrison- how an Olympian overcame sexual abuse
  13. English Civil War re-enactor disarms knife-wielding robber (twice)
  14. Canada’s Tonya Verbeek wins silver in 55-kg event
  15. Another Sick TKD Pedo-Master
  16. More Fellahs like this
  17. Another 'Last Ninja' from Japan
  18. Momma Said ....LL Cool J Beats Down Burglar
  19. This Just In: Training for Combat is Dangerous!
  20. RIP Joe Lewis
  21. Manual Castration
  22. Great Saddness
  23. Rose Gracie wants to change bjj competition rules
  24. Renzo Gracie vs NYC muggers
  25. Ex-Heavyweight champ Corrie Sanders Killed
  26. Canada's Last Bareknuckler Passes Away
  27. Professional Wrestler Saves a Trainful of People
  28. Orlando Cruz - the first openly gay pro boxer
  29. Amir Khan KOs Car Thieves
  30. Ghurka kicks mugger's ass and holds him down despite having blade stuck in his arm
  31. "Martial Arts Instructor" Charged with Murder in NH
  32. Martial arts for the survivalists
  33. Pro wrestling >>> drunk fat guy
  34. Cartoon Network PSA: Bullying and Roundhouse Kicks
  35. UFC commentator, MMA Advocate and Olympic wrestling champion Jeff Blatnick dead at 55
  36. Legendary Boxing Trainer Emmanuel Steward Passes Away
  37. Home intruder stabbed by 83-year-old aikdoka
  38. 12 year old girl credits martial arts for possibly saving her life
  39. Karate student Jannine Ramirez kicks out — literally — intruder found in her home
  40. Misleading Title- Manslaughter and Boxing