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  1. Guy Mezger Saved a Woman From Knife-Wielding Scumbag Last Month
  2. This Heavy Bag Hits Back
  3. MMA instructor/muderer
  4. SEAL Team 6 chooses Boxing
  5. Mugger Dies after scuffle with wrestler.
  6. RIP Angelo Dundee
  7. Sifu Jerry Poteet RIP
  8. newKickboxing Ontario to oversee children's mixed martial arts
  9. British Karate champion pleads guilty to child sex offences
  10. Uber-achieveing hedge fund manager...yellow bamboo
  11. Canadian Olympic boxer Mary Spencer also a CoverGirl
  12. Buakaw Speaks Out: I wanted to retire, Por.Pramuk Control Me
  13. Rupture Closing its doors??
  14. Mixed martial arts fighter facing jail after near-fatal seafront attack
  15. Cancer Survivor Makes Boxing Debut
  16. Knife-Wielding Robber Kicked by MMA Gas Station Clerk
  17. Burglary suspect tries to disarm policeman who trains MMA, fails
  18. Martial arts teacher stabbed by ex-con during argument over dogs
  19. MMA in India (Full Contact Championship - picture report by the BBC)
  20. Bert Sugar dies at 74
  21. Ninjas attack pot delivery
  22. Iran Suspends Reuters, Iranian Female Ninjas Suing For Defamation
  23. No MMA for you-Thailand
  24. Iraq veteran chokes out robber
  25. Afghanistan's first female Olympic boxer
  26. Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao faces yet another unseemly scandal
  27. Tim Larkin Banned From Entering UK
  28. GA grappler and LEO Jerad Wheeler accused of kicking pregnant woman
  29. Mundine stripped of Interim Title
  30. TKD champion gunned down in ATL
  31. Deputy Defends Home, or: Grappling Against Multiple Oponents
  32. Master Randy Stigall has passed away
  33. Another UFC employee in the news for violence
  34. Boxer Paul williams paralyzed
  35. Devin Johnson, Sacramento MMA fighter, critically injured in training fall
  36. Skinhead Karate Instructor
  37. UFC vet Melton Bowen KO'd cannibal
  38. MMA Promoter Slammed for Teen Bout
  39. Nick Ring vrs Teenage Muggers
  40. World #1 not selected for British TKD team