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  1. Bozella wins 1st and only pro fight at 52 after being wrongly convicted of murder
  2. Joe Son's prison cellmate dead; Son under investigation.
  3. Karim Mayfield vs the economics of boxing
  4. Attack on middle aged woman by gangsta wannabes
  5. Mexican boxer Rafael Guzman Hernandez after he was shot outside his home
  6. HEMA as Teen Discipline?
  7. Fightville in New York City
  8. LAPD: Hotel Robber Nabbed by Guests in Town for Martial Arts Tourney
  9. MMA/Wrestling for Differntley Abled - emancipation or exploitation
  10. A Legend has Died.
  11. Smokin' Joe Frazier Dead at 67
  12. He is waiting at home in the bush
  13. UFC sues state of New York on 1st Amendment grounds
  14. China to build first Tai Chi theme park
  15. Cage fighter Ally McCrae crushed to death by dead cow in horrific accident.
  16. Putin booed at MMA event
  17. Ron Lyle dead at 70
  18. Chris Leben Suspended.
  19. [Toronto: City Councillor] Doug Ford suggests schools explore UFC-linked program
  20. Boxer dying after match - R.I.P. Roman Simakov
  21. CNN story on the Dog Brothers
  22. Harry Cook 6th Dan Accused of Sex Assaults and Remanded In Jail
  23. UFC brawler by night, Wall Street broker by day: John Cholish
  24. Cops & Aikido
  25. Christian Bale Roughed Up By PRC For Attempting to Visit Chinese Dissident
  26. 11 year old owns Kidnapper
  27. Itís not hitting a girl when you have boxing gloves on
  28. Mayweather To Plead Guilty To Reduced Charges
  29. Current TV's Vanguard journalism piece on MMA
  30. MMA gym owner/trainer wanted for child molestation
  31. Karl Trenker shot 5 times during robbery, plugs holes with fingers like a boss
  32. Family Martial Arts Academy - Joel Levy
  33. Bob Anderson dies, aged 89.
  34. Oklahoma Mother, 18, Kills Intruder Breaking Into Her Home While on Phone With 911
  35. 15 year old stabs bully to death
  36. Cris Cyborg Positive for Steroids
  37. Hermes Franca 3.5 years for 1st Degree Sexual Assualt of Minor - his own student
  38. ' The Greatest ' Gearing Up For 70th Birthday Party
  39. The fighter: starring Liberal MP Trudeau and Tory Senator Brazeau
  40. Karate champion Liam O'Grady jailed for grooming & sexually abusing 13 yr old girl