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  1. Man vs Lion cagefight
  2. Competing at 8 Years of Age
  3. Game of thrones actor stabbed
  4. Justin timberlake's Dream: Teach Karate
  5. Hotel Maids learn RBSD
  6. On National Geographic July 6 at 10pm.
  7. MMA banned in South Dakota town
  8. TKD Teen Charged with Assault for Dishonorable Boot to the Head
  9. Female karate pro keeps robber as sex slave - Hindustan Times
  10. Dr Alex Constantinides Tragedy
  11. Haywire: with Gina Carano!
  12. Blank DVD costs martial arts instructor David Dumolo his job
  13. ‘Padrino’ uses mixed martial arts to keep young people off the streets
  14. 98 Year-Old Earns 10th Degree Black Belt in Judo - only living student of Kano
  15. 63-year-old holds off robber with rear naked choke
  16. MMA Coach Shawn Tompkins Dead At 37
  17. Mark Fowler, Muay Thai fighter dies after fight
  18. Chinese v Japanese MMA: Possible bullshido
  19. Solid Muay Thai game pays off for Memphis security guard
  20. Wrestling: The Anti-Car.
  21. AAP, CPS Issue Policy Against Allowing Kids to Box
  22. Ninja Street Patrol In Yeovil
  23. Steven Seagal threatened with lawsuit
  24. Policeman asked to stop training MMA or risk being fired
  25. Online sting results in sex charges for David M. Gunzburg
  26. Martial arts used to help rebuild patients' bodies after cancer treatment
  27. Spartacus actor dead at 39
  28. How Mayweather Gets Paid—A Welterweight With Heavyweight Financial Clout
  29. Josh Waitzkin, Chess master, Tai chi champ, now BJJ
  30. Perth Martial Artist Jailed
  31. Sex traffickers recruit victim by posing as martial arts school
  32. Overeem Claims To Be Still Owed Money From K-1, Plans Lawsuit
  33. BMA condemns boys cage-fighting at Preston Labour club
  34. Kids cage fighting competition in Preston, North West England.
  35. Duchess of Northumberland to host MMA tournament
  36. Surge of Chun People in Oz?
  37. Jeffrey "Big Diesel" Ford , arrested for rape.
  38. JCVD Takes A Stand On Animal Rights
  39. Van Damme deep throating
  40. Phoenix Jones unmasked! (And arrested for pepper-spraying a bunch of people!)