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  1. 'Ultimate Fighter' Jeremy Jackson sentenced to 25 years to life for rape
  2. Jerry Reid, R.I.P.
  3. Henry Kolligian, R.I.P.
  4. 4 Layton Walmart employees fired after disarming gunman caught shoplifting
  5. Enter the Dragon actress Ahna Capri dies
  6. CNN.com on the Silva/Belfort knockout
  7. MMA Fight Promoter Alvin Aguilar Chokes Out Fighter for Attacking Referee [VIDEO]
  8. Ninja festival
  9. Martial arts instructor/LEO gets 21 years for sex with students
  10. Fighting and Writing: Boxer Mischa Merz
  11. Artist strings up hundreds of speedbags to make Ali portrait
  12. Man Allegedly Karate Chops Air Marshal
  13. MMA fighters use plastic surgery, cadaver flesh to stop cuts
  14. Mother Caught Encouraging Fight, coaches son to "Body Slam Him!"
  15. Steven Seagal brings SWAT "tank" to cockfight
  16. Chess Boxing: Brains & Brawn
  17. Vancouver MMA trainer charged with domestic violence, weapons offences
  18. Olympic Judo Silver Medalist Claudia Heill Commits Suicide in Austria
  19. R.I.P. Grandmaster Tu'umamao "Tino" Tuiolosega
  20. More Legal Woes For Mayweather
  21. German Women's Boxing Champ Shot by Stepfather
  22. Another Boxing Legend Passes On
  23. Sombo World medalist & Greco Olympic Trials finalist Ramie Mohlman shot dead
  24. Jackie Chan raises $3.3 million dollars for Japanese relief efforts
  25. American MMA Fighter Charged With Sexual Assault in London, Ontario
  26. Hong Kong cabin crews get kung fu training
  27. BJJ instructor saves San Francisco police officer from attack
  28. Ninja Stages Easter Attack in Pittsburgh!
  29. 16-year-old Karate Student Defeats Convicted Sex Offender
  30. Pastor's military claims are Under Siege
  31. Batman beaten up in Vegas
  32. Sugar Ray Leonard writes about being sexually abused
  33. Krotty Truckies
  34. Randy "Macho Man" Savage
  35. Oscar De La Hoya Goes To Rehab
  36. Subtle...
  37. The Mechanic anyone?
  38. Karate instructor sentenced to 26 years
  39. Detroit Lions lineman takes up _ing _un
  40. One Legged Ex-Cage Fighter