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  1. Mixed Martial Arts Rule Change: Should Kids Be Allowed to Ground and Pound
  2. MMA Fighters put on show for Afghanistan stationed soldiers
  3. Navy SEAL accused of weapons smuggling
  4. 'Special' Psychiatric treatment for Martial Arts Guy
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  6. Let's play TapOut- The Choking Rochambo
  7. Core-a-te: conditioning meets martial arts
  8. Children as young as 3 enrolling in mixed martial arts (MMA) classes
  9. Graydon ‘Cub’ Lewis finds salvation through martial arts
  10. Filipinos can be ‘king’ in UFC – Gracie
  11. Martial Arts Master Joel A. Levy speaks about the Jewish perspective on self-defense
  12. Tyngsboro Mixed Martial Arts Event Yields One Arrest
  13. Paraplegic in Wheelchair Tackles and Chokes Robber
  14. UFC not legalised in Victoria - Amateurish article
  15. Lyle Beerbohm has traded one addiction for another: meth for mixed martial arts
  16. Tired of your day job? Be a superhero!
  17. Iran "The Blade" Barkley: Broke, Homeless, Living In Motel
  18. Mexican Marines Reconstruct the Death of Don Alejo Garza
  19. Pensioner is youngest person to be awarded 10th Dan in judo
  20. nice item about Roma boy taking up boxing and thus avoiding gangs, crime etc.
  21. Christy Martin, Female Boxing Legend -- Shot, Stabbed, Hospitalized
  22. Floyd Mayweather -- Hit with New Assault Allegations
  23. Dutch lawyer and Thai fighter Ashwin "Bad Boy" Balrak Arrested with 82 kg of Cocaine
  24. Chuck Norris: REAL Texas Ranger
  25. Jesus Christ, does it ever end? TWO MORE short-eyes in the dojo.
  26. Authorities Say Teen Committed Sex Crime During Wrestling Practice
  27. Locals to fight in mixed martial arts show at Monterey Bay Fight Club
  28. Promoter eyes Sarnia, Ontario event
  29. Tara LaRosa narrowly escapes tragedy in hiking mishap
  30. Ultimate Fighting- Barbaric or the New Boxing? SMH article
  31. Bulgarian Wrestling World Champion Critically Injured in Knife Brawl
  32. Chael Sonnen Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering
  33. 6th of January 2011: Boxer Gary Mason dies in cycling collision in London
  34. UFC Fighter calls out the President
  35. Why Ontario is allowing mixed martial arts
  36. MMA in New York - Daily News Column
  37. Jorge Vinicio Orantes Sosa, Karate instructor Arrested for War Crimes
  38. Lone Gurkha armed with only a knife defeats 40 assailants on a train
  39. Venda tribe boxing
  40. MMA fan takes out Knife weilding pyscho