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  1. Martial arts instructor Phillip Van Den Broek jailed for molesting student
  2. Mount Pleasant martial arts expert pleaded not guilty in alleged torture case
  3. Cage fighters in tights and tutus
  4. British Martial arts expert fighting for life after being stabbed by burglars
  5. Mike Tyson Did The Hangover for Drugs
  6. Boston Chinatown Streetfight - Bat v Multiple Attackers
  7. Boxer Wins Match, But Dies Of Injuries..
  8. Amateur female kickboxer dies days after KO loss
  9. Latest Seagal news
  10. NYT Movie Preview: The Fighter (biopic of Mickey Ward)
  11. Ninja Burgler Climbs into Bed With Homeowners
  12. Deaf customer gets choked out because he doesn't react to alarm.
  13. Former Marine, Stabbed to Death by British Kickboxer
  14. Martial arts teacher Eric Protas pleads not guilty in molestation case
  15. Martial arts teacher pleads guilty to harassing woman
  16. University of Stirling Opens First UK Tae Kwon Do Centre.
  17. Police say Chloey (7yo) Stoudt raped by James Belanger then suffocated with pillow
  18. Kendo teacher Shozo Kato of N.Y. passes for 8th Dan
  19. Parkinson's disease patients find benefits in martial arts exercise
  20. Two men claim martial arts instructor Tommy Merritt sexually assaulted them
  21. Michigan Lawmakers Consider Bill On MMA Fighting
  22. War Machine Gets One Year Jail for Bar Brawl
  23. Man Robs Arby's -- with Samauri Sword
  24. Parkinson's patients get martial arts medicine
  25. Austin, TX MMA fighter involved in murder-suicide
  26. Tune or doom? - Martial Arts With Flute Sword
  27. Medical Wii-rtual boxing
  28. prime suspect in Danish terrorist bombing is Belgian 'Boxer' of Chechnya origen
  29. Another student of judo tenth dan George Kerr becomes champion!
  30. Finnish neo-fascist at martial arts show in Poland
  31. Martial Arts Expert Explains Neck-Breaking Takedown - Video
  32. Elmo wins using aikido?
  33. Lesbian martial arts expert frees under age lover in Indonesia
  34. US Olympic judo player charged with raping 15-year-old
  35. Wrestler and 50 angry shoppers pawn robber
  36. kung fu girls stage combat tournament to find men to date
  37. Manny Pacquiao and knives
  38. R.I.P. Charles Raines.
  39. Ninjas kill FL family, caught on video
  40. Man who was sexually abused by a priest years ago shows up decades later for REVENGE