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  1. Parents turn to martial arts to guard kids from knife attacks
  2. Martial arts chief calls for world karate resignation after Olympics cull
  3. This sport makes me strong so I can defend my family and my country from the Jews
  4. Judo pioneer receives forfeited 1959 Medal
  5. Cummings Combat Sambo talks MMA on Channel 7 - Florida
  6. CNN Hero - Flavio Canto
  7. Injuries result when youths go ‘looking for a fight’
  8. Mighty morphin' power rangers and MMA
  9. Kickboxer who raped pupils jailed
  10. Victim Pulls Sword, Drives off Robber
  11. Tackle v. handgun on school bus
  12. Olympic medalist boxer dead
  13. Baltimore: Katana > Robber
  14. Osaka: I Don't Need No Stinkin' Katana to Beat a Thief! Only JUDO!
  15. Homophobic 5' 3" Blonde Martial Arts Instructor Knocks Out Guardsman
  16. Jason Reynolds on UFC 103
  17. Jason David Frank Morphs to MMA *again*
  18. New Mexico Man Falls to His Death While Re-Enacting UFC Move
  19. Injury in Manitoba Beat-down
  20. Strikeforce announces signing of 47-year-old NFL Pro Bowler Herschel Walker
  21. 88-year-old man fends off four thieves
  22. 23 teens arrested in fight tournament
  23. David Soard Chinese Shao-Lin Center/Shaollin-Do Pleads Guilty to Harrasment
  24. Fedor on RT Television
  25. Disabled man stops suspected child molester at Westminster Wal-Mart
  26. Judo champ jailed in train station beating
  27. Two thugs beaten down by cage fighters in Drag
  28. Thugs attack two transvestites...who turn out to be cage fighters wearing fancy dress
  29. Yob decked by martial artist
  30. MMA Gone Mainstream: Market Broadening, Says NYT
  31. Thugs attack men in drag (who turn out to be MMA fighters on a stag night)
  32. Junie Browning arrested
  33. British Columbia court rules parents can't sign away a childs right to sue.
  34. NZ TKD Black Belt/Brothel Owner vs NZ Olympic Committee
  35. Anti-MMA article - UFC coming to Australia
  36. Korean Judoka Wang Ki Chun possibly quitting Judo
  37. Taekwondo star crowned Miss Thailand hangs up her black belt
  38. Black belt jonesing: American martial arts culture's roots in the black community
  39. Firefighter dies from single blow in first ever kick-boxing contest
  40. Korean Martial Arts Grand Nationals results