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  1. Accused Vegas Killer A Mixed-Martial Arts Fighter
  2. Self-Defense Strategy Thwarts Kidnap-Attempt on Boulevard
  3. Mike Tyson's 4 year old daughter dies in "tragic accident"
  4. MMA Fighter Paralyzed in Match
  5. Jiu Jitsu black belt convicted of murder
  6. Sumo trainer jailed
  7. Judo Coach Arrested for Sodomy Attack
  8. Kung Fu star David Carradine found dead
  9. Man Attempts to Mug Justice Dept. Firearms Expert
  10. Indian Sex Workers Learn Karate for Self-Defence
  11. Kalashnikov : Karate 1:0
  12. Two men accused of holding amateur mixed martial arts competitions in Pasco gym
  13. Martial Arts Turns N.J. Woman Into Lethal Weapon
  14. 72 year old former boxer beats up burglar
  15. School Superintendent Disarms Gunman, Wrestles Him To the Ground
  16. Alexis Arguello Committed Suicide
  17. Local MMA fighter accquited of Murder Charges!
  18. Yoga Faces Regulation - What Lessons for MA?
  19. Sotomayor + Nunchucks = ZOMG
  20. Olympic TKD'er sets up brothel to fund olympic bid
  21. TKD Fatality; Kicker Visits Wake
  22. Boxing champ Arturo Gatti dead
  23. MMA/BJJer Lawyer Defends Self (w/Video)
  24. Teen choked out with RNC at restaurant (video)
  25. Couple killer a TKD BB
  26. Plane crash kills 11 from the Iranian Judo team.
  27. Jesse Ventura talks about Ultimate Fighting
  28. Kimo Leopoldo Dead (HOAX)
  29. Vernon Forrest shot dead in robbery
  30. Martial Arts Craze Banned in Indian Schools
  31. Monson pleads guilty to graffiti charge, can't leave U.S. to fight
  32. Korean TKDers beat down bagsnatcher
  33. Gina Carano Interview in NYT
  34. Judo death
  35. Children's MMA in Canada
  36. One blind, the other ravaged from the waist down
  37. Disabled robber with smashing body blow. . than painfully raped..
  38. Sticks, swords and skill keys to Sikh martial art
  39. Get out your shotguns, the zombies are coming
  40. 3 arrested in Murder of Ninja Derrick Lee