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  1. Gets a black eye, returns to opponent's home with knife
  2. Sumo Vs the Weed
  3. New Travel Channel Show - Sambo and other MA's
  4. Rigan Machado speaks on USA Jiu Jitsu
  5. Tito Santana is no Ram
  6. My Fight Club video hit FRONT PAGE NEWS in Australia
  7. Fedor (and a little bit o' SAMBO) in mainstream press
  8. Woman with Implants Can't Box Rules British Boxing Association
  9. Goths use UFC training as Excuse for Torture Sounds
  10. Twin sister NYC cops-black belts
  11. Helio Gracie Dead.
  12. Boxing has the Knife Defense
  13. Fight Club For Mentally Disabled Busted
  14. Valhalla 10 Collision MMA Cage Fight
  15. High School "Let 'em duke it out"
  16. Karate expert kills two over lice infection
  17. How ignorant are Sherdogs readers? I will tell you.
  18. Yellow belt in Karate KO's robber and rapes him for 3 days.
  19. Poidog on TV tonight
  20. Rob Voss charged with child abuse/pornography
  21. Black belt nurse turns tables on attacker
  22. Children's fight club (sydney)
  23. Another Stupid Ninja - at Dry Cleaners
  24. 84 Year -Old Man Fights Off 2 Carjackers
  25. Black belt teen strikes back at bully, and rallies community against racism
  26. Adriano Emperado, RIP, 4/4/09
  27. Ninja Turtles visit Monroe martial arts academy
  28. Ex-martial arts fighter gets 1 year for battery
  29. Somerville martial arts instructors arrested after allegedly delivering severe beatin
  30. Black Belt High School Student Suspended For Defending Himself.
  31. Another talented boxer gone... RIP.
  32. Greg Page (1958-2009)
  33. Sri Lanka suspends martial arts in schools after death
  34. Tae Kwon Do teacher in apparent murder-suicide
  35. Martial arts kit theft is a real kick in the teeth for boy
  36. Good thing he didn't use TKD to push his nose into his brain
  37. Manslaughter filed in drug-theft deaths
  38. How Bruce Lee Changed The World
  39. Wing Chun Master, Brutally Assaults Pregnant Girlfriend
  40. Former WWF pro wrestler Johnny K-9 charged with conspiracy to murder