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  1. The really deadly grappling ;-(
  2. Martial arts expert claimed disability benefits
  3. Lloyd Irvin serious badassery: Gunmen break into home, get stripped of weapons.
  4. Boxing champ stabbed to death
  5. Cage fighters 'behind 53m raid'
  6. American Sambo Association on "Attack of the Show"
  7. Bear defeated with Kicks and a Stick
  8. Man Fights Off Bear - Lives To Tell About It
  9. MMA/Combat Sambist charged with attempted murder - Philadeplhia
  10. MMA on military bases to avoid state regulation
  11. Human sashimi anyone?
  12. MMA gym owner murdered in apparent gang hit
  13. Norwegian dude gets Shito Ryu black belt in 10 months
  14. Champion Martial Arts Carmel Indiana
  15. Boxing Ring Stolen
  16. MMA promoters dropping like flies
  17. new karate kid
  18. Hockey-Fu vs Sword Skillz
  19. Union For Fighter!!
  20. Jason Chambers Arrested
  21. 78 Year Old KOs Repo Man
  22. Girl, 14, escapes abductor using her fists
  23. Boxer Mike 'Primetime' Post Dies, Age 28
  24. Many beats attacker down with...candy cane
  25. Enzo Maccarinelli wants to join the UFC
  26. Food not guns
  27. Beijing Judo Gold Medalist Starts Negotiations with UFC
  28. Granny "Steals Peaches" to Fight Off Naked Intruder
  29. UFC Fighter Josh Neer Arrested for DUI
  30. 9 yr old boy stops pitbull with BJJ.
  31. 5-year-old gets black belt
  32. MMA/"Combatives" for Colorado National Guard
  33. Mixed-martial-arts champion charged in Capitol graffiti case
  34. To-Shin Do Belgium on local TV
  35. NY Times - Fedor and Sambo
  36. UFC lobbies to legalize MMA in New York State
  37. Father chains daughter to bed to make her lose weight for MMA
  38. CNN: Long-term effects of repeated concussions from sports
  39. Yet another black eye for MA
  40. Tai Chi may not reduce fall risk in elderly