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  1. MMA fighter kills man with 1 punch
  2. George Carlin 1937 - 2008
  3. Undefeated Kickboxing Phenom to Make MMA Debut at "Melendez vs Thomson"
  4. Krotty Teacher Sent to Prison for 12+ years
  5. New Mixed Martial Arts TV Show
  6. Borat Hoax - Gay Cage Fight in Arkansas
  7. ATT Orlando's opened a second school
  8. Martial Arts for the Senior crowd
  9. Robber gets KO'd
  10. Canseco Humiliated
  11. Public Justice
  12. Sambo in the NY Times!
  14. ESPN - MMA prodigy boasts lifetime of experience -- at age 14
  15. CT McDojo eventually releases child from FOUR year contract
  16. MMA fighters and promoter tasered and beaten
  17. Tito vs 'non combat' martial artist
  18. Huge Kung Fu master defends himself against old woman attacker
  19. Sumo guy has huge appetite (for weed)
  20. World Boxing Academy - Learning the Sweet Science in School
  21. BTT's new terror "Toquinho" in the UFC's middleweight division
  22. 'Satanic' ninja Schoolkids? Its more likely than you think
  23. Ninja FLIPS OUT and Nunchucks everyone
  24. China pushed for kung-fu at the Olympics as a sport
  25. Cuban TKD Olympian pushes & kicks ref
  26. Sho'Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem Julius Carry died at 56 of pancreatic cancer.
  27. Man plotted samurai sword hit on wife
  28. Sword vs. gun
  29. Venezuela's children-at-risk are now martial arts international champs
  30. "Killer" Kowalski Is Dead
  31. Olympics to MMA for Askren?
  32. 'Ninjas' fighting crime in Jersey
  33. Fox 5 NY News "investigates" a real fight club.
  34. SamboSteve on LA Talk Radio - 9/13/08
  35. Phoenix Police Officer Dies in Charity Boxing Match
  36. Angle: I'll fight in MMA next year
  37. The Karate Kid Ralph Macchio to star in Ugly Betty
  38. Ambulance staff learning martial arts to handle trouble patients
  39. Congress seeks pardon for Jack Johnson
  40. Sex offender goes down to rear naked choke