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  1. Kickboxer Detains Burglar
  2. Russian Boxer Kills Pedophile
  3. Gaijin Ryu Dojo Makes the News
  4. U.K sword ban comes into force.
  5. Five Year Old's Forced to Fight?
  6. Martial arts training can add punch to a workout
  7. Dembe - Traditional boxing in Nigeria
  8. Felice Herrig to Co-Host Combatwire on CLTV
  9. You don't need eyes...
  10. "Karate" Under Consideration For 2016 Olympics
  11. A son and a Marine
  12. Newlyweds jailed after hotel brawl
  13. The next step
  14. Kimbo Slice to grace the cover of ESPN Magazine
  15. Attempted muder by superman punch
  16. Former MMA fighter Patrick Smith arrested again.
  17. Online Fight Clubs Increasing In Metro Atlanta
  18. Seventy-three-year-old Grandma is Black Belt and she Fights Hard!
  19. Martial arts saves boy from harm
  20. Waterville man arrested with martial arts weapon
  21. Pleasanton City Council forces martial arts studio to close
  22. Matt Lindland a felon?...
  23. There will be blood - NOW magazine article
  24. Cuban athlete Yurisel Laborde still missing from national judo team
  25. A Kickin' Profession - Article on Eric Henry
  26. Rapist trained in BJJ attacks woman in London
  27. Bruce Lee Muscical comes to Broadway
  28. Canseco to fight ex-NFL Pro Bowler for $5K
  29. Wesley Snipes sentenced to 3 years in Jail
  30. Michael Jackson @ UFC 84
  31. "Betamax Columnists" - People Still Think Like This
  32. Latest Bout with Insanity Comes to CBS
  33. Kicking them while their down or regaining balance
  34. Daughter of George Lucas in Auckland bout
  35. Rubber knives for the win (UK only)...
  36. UK is right, knives (in hands of freaks) are dangerous...
  37. Sambocast Radio Episode 10 - Dr. Brett Jacques
  38. Boosting self-esteem amid lessons in mixed martial arts with Dan Severn
  39. Colored perceptions: judo uniforms
  40. Kenjutsu practitioner attacks Google Maps photog???