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  1. Contestant in local Vancouver martial arts event shot in leg
  2. Randy Couture signs with HDNet Fights
  3. World judo champ Riner misses bronze as Muneta takes gold
  4. Sex assault judo coach Leyton Dodge is jailed
  5. For violent sport, regulations still lax
  6. Martial arts instructor Shawn Pacheco defies odds to become champion fighter
  7. Throwing the whole kit and kobudo at them; Therien says martial arts offer something
  8. Jesse Vasquez is in serious but stable condition after WCL bout
  9. Pretended Cologne Bottle Was A Gun
  10. Mother of two becomes Japan's oldest boxer at 44
  11. CBS to broadcast MMA in prime time
  12. Chuck Norris - American AND Iraqi hero
  13. Happy B-day Karate College!!
  14. Paul Filho withdraws from rematch against Chael Sonnen
  15. From the couch to the cage - Globe and Mail
  16. The Pink Vigilantes: Indian women fight for their rights (literally)
  17. Medieval swordfighting captivates new aficionados
  18. The Brown Ribbon Campaign: Strongman shatters karate chopping record
  19. White Nationalists, Skinheads Flock to Cage Fighting, Mixed Martial Arts
  20. Lion takes down Kalaripayat martial arts teacher
  21. Season 2 of the World Combat League to be Seen in Over 100 Countries
  22. Chasing a Dream
  23. Practice sword fight - ends badly
  24. MMA's First Openly Gay Athlete
  25. Ultimate fights expand to include kids
  26. Jason MacDonald Prediction: UFC Bigger than NASCAR and NFL
  27. 84-Year-Old Ruins Would-Be Robber's Day
  28. 3 muggers beaten by ... TKD???
  29. NBC orders mixed martial arts series
  30. Korean Bible studies with Taekwondo
  31. Missouri asked to ban 'cage fighting' by kids
  32. Renzo Gracie makes it into TONY (time out new york- for non nyers)
  33. NZ man 'used hedgehog as weapon'
  34. Champion boxer David Haye eyeing journey into mixed martial arts
  35. podcast interview with sambosteve
  36. High school self-defense club disbanded after martial-arts sparring match
  37. TKD kid's instructor killed in barfight with 3 men.
  38. "If you hit me, I will defend myself"
  39. Homeless veteran receives benefits
  40. fight over pistachios ends in death