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  1. Outrage as martial arts-obsessed teacher poses with guns in chilling internet photo
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  4. Nunchaku used to kill one, hospitalize another
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  6. Fight school
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  9. Chess Boxing
  10. Another karate instructor accused of rape
  11. Ninth-Dan TKD Expert Shot in Attempted Robbery
  12. Kerala's ancient Kalarippayattu martial art form charms foreigners
  13. Chris Thompson learns Highland Broadsword from a book and teaches it
  14. Women enter brutal cage-fighting world
  15. Matt Furey on cover of Gladiator Magazine
  16. Karate Instructor Stephen Gressett Accused Of Molesting Student-Charges dropped
  17. I just got E-Mailed by Chuck Norris!!!
  18. Man dies from Door and Shoulder Choke
  19. Bleeding into the Mainstream
  20. Will Tito Ortiz be the next "Apprentice"?
  21. Prosecutor to lead team at martial arts trials in China
  22. 5-th Dan Tae Kwon Do expert makes new art because TKD isn't effective
  23. More and more Japanese women take up karate and systema
  24. Virginia Beach man gets 30 days for embezzling from karate group
  25. ABC News Trolled By Legendary MMA.tv Member, The Garv
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  27. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / MMA fighter dragged to his death...
  28. Karate teacher charged with felony after kicking student - Merged thread
  29. Krotty guy captures real [email protected]
  30. Bad boy sumo champion Asashoryu says sorry
  31. Tyson reports to jail for 1-day sentence to wear pink panties
  32. Armed ninjas rob man...
  33. 2 hurt in samurai sword rampage
  34. Martial arts guru Scott Elliott duels tough opponent: cancer
  35. 'Ninja turtle attacks car from eight-floor building'
  36. One really weird martial artist on trial for 3 murders...
  37. Nobody can catch the Ninja Burglar!
  38. Man wins suit against martial arts teacher after injury in demo
  39. Runners Using Martial Arts Techniques To Avoid Injury
  40. Will Smith to re-make The Karate Kid ... with Stephen Chow as Mr. Myiagi