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  1. Si ninja not stopped by kitchen knife. Bullshido sleeps with one eye open.
  2. NYC Ninja Strikes Again!
  3. Gracie teaches martial arts, leads fight team
  4. Martial arts teacher violated young pupil
  5. Police: Woman Chases Kids With Samurai Sword
  6. Female ninja caught - Let the Cinemax jailtime begin
  7. Four Teens Get Come-Uppance
  8. Class helps children to 'bust bullies'
  9. Italian archbishop closes convent after nuns come to blows
  10. Man held after sword attack on companion on Mount Baldy trail
  11. Woman goes Samurai on a bunch of kids.
  12. Karate demonstration to feature Vestal's Hidy Ochiai
  13. Disabled Kashmir children keen to be self-reliant, learn martial arts
  14. Baseball has t3h r34l Dim Mak!
  15. Old man uses 'Get-off-my-lawn-fu'
  16. Dim Mak master attacks soccer player
  17. SATIRE from The Onion: Karate gives kid the self-confidence -- to quit Karate.
  18. Karate lessons give child self-confidence to quit karate
  19. Sumo boss fired over death of 17-yrs old
  20. What is 'Korean Sports Dance'?!
  21. TKD expert used Martial Arts Weapons used to threaten wife
  22. Martial arts hits San Mateo - Writers get mildly less ignorant
  23. Inspirational MMA Story
  24. Chris Pizzo / "Lt. X" Writes on Count Dante and "Marketing Madness"
  25. How Young Is too Young to Be a Prize Fighter?
  26. Karate Instructor Charged with Sex Abuse
  27. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu used to severely injure girlfriend...
  28. Look of fear sparks fast reaction
  29. Woman to face civil suit in death of martial arts teacher
  30. Police: Karate instructor arrested for sex with 14 year old - Gary Scott Gray.
  31. Sparring is considered an Olympic sport
  32. Shaolin monks not to attend Olympic kung fu competition
  33. Environmental award to martial-arts school
  34. Filipino martial arts, escrima, gets noticed in hands of wheelchair master
  35. Lawmakers look at making mixed martial arts legal in Tennessee
  36. Dog shoots man
  37. Arthritis victim Shane lost six toes, now he's a kickboxing star
  38. Jerry Seinfeld: Aikidoka?
  39. Lotus martial arts a way to defend oneself
  40. Sex attacker may be martial arts student