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  1. Popularity of mixed martial arts on the rise in Cenla
  2. MMA grows in Arizona
  3. MMA Feature On BBC News.
  4. Injured karate student overwhelmed by support
  5. Creepy incidents at Collier karate class - not so creepy
  6. Martial Arts Instructor Gerry Blanck Celebrates His 25-Year Anniversary
  7. Judo practitioner sought sex with girl and her mother
  8. HIV man may have targeted martial arts moms
  9. Assaulted a martial artist - got beaten up
  10. Two Brazilian judo directors banned after brawl
  11. Arkansas man, 93, shoots robber after being beaten unconscious
  12. 64-year-old martial arts grandfather beats store robbers down
  13. Karl Gotch dead
  14. children fighting 4 da camera...
  15. American Chen stylist and child porn
  16. Delusional karate man says he had the upper hand against mob
  17. Personal Disability Not a Challenge in Martial Arts
  18. Martial arts instructor charged with 100 counts of child pornography
  19. Toledo city council candidate tries martial arts to marshal votes
  20. Home Invasions: Be Prepared - Steve Kovacs
  21. Ryan Jeffery to test for 3rd Dan in Karate
  22. Pencil in brain through nose - not deadly
  23. *Bullet* in brain -- not deadly
  24. Boxing facing challenge from mixed martial arts
  25. Linemen learn from martial arts
  26. Martial arts star Jackie Chan is selling own oatcakes
  27. 'Karate' Suits Inflame Taekwondo Lovers
  28. Fallen Hero
  29. Bruce Lee licence plate sells for US $5,100
  30. Flash Point - Donnie Yen flick
  31. Just in time for 'Back to School': Bulletproof Backpacks
  32. 'Karate' Suits Inflame Taekwondo Lovers (and TKD park!)
  33. Former officer finds bliss in martial arts - Nick Evans
  34. ATA Black Belt Academy to Host Special South Florida Child Safety Event
  35. Police nab bogus martial arts masters
  36. Gracie Academy put on its GRAPLE clinic for LEOs
  37. T3h r34l St33t & Karate kick to the head - true story
  38. Katanas'n'hookers
  39. Wisconsin couple arrested for allegedly robbing a gas station with a samurai sword
  40. Introducing Kung Fit