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  1. Jonathan Metcalf inducted into U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  2. Put Up a Fight -- Without a Fight - Combattitude
  4. Women develop skills, instincts to fight back, EYE GOUGES!!!
  5. Muay Thai kickboxing expert teaches Marines to fight
  6. Legendary pugilists Duran, Whitaker head Boxing Hall of Fame class
  7. UK Police Shoot Martial Artist and my capslock button is stuck
  8. Canadian boxer tests positive for marijuana, banned for two years
  9. Russian Ninja terrorize italians farmers
  10. Crotch grabbing doesn't work?
  11. Brazilian Martial Artist With UFC Pedigree Visits East Texas - Rener Gracie
  12. Dad can experience the octagon for Fatherís Day
  13. Johnnie Morton tests positive for 'roids
  14. TKD shouldn't be punished by death... ;-(
  15. Karate instructor arrested again for criminal sexual conduct with a minor
  16. Forty of Japan's best sumotori are in Hawaii to compete in the Mayor's Cup
  17. The Brown Ribbon Campaign.
  18. Grappling added to Police and Fire Games
  19. Police sergeant uses judo move to pin down burglar in parent's home
  20. 17 year old force feeds carjacker his own sidearm
  21. 62 yo Man Chokes Out A Bobcat
  22. Did they teach ninjitsu to Marines?
  23. Sweden going Pro
  24. The Good MMA News Story Thread
  25. Karate teen defends PS3 with samurai sword
  26. Budokon Combines Yoga, Martial Arts, Meditation
  27. Class mixes religion with martial arts
  28. Getting a grip on martial arts schools
  29. Family of kickboxers fighting cancer by going against 300 opponents. Not for Sparta!
  30. Woman sounds her car horn, is beaten by 'UFC wrestler'
  31. 5-year old Shows Promising RBSD Future
  32. Wrestling championship ends in riot
  33. Human Weapon ( a series on History Channel
  34. Judo works in the alley, at least against one...
  35. Nelson trades martial arts for healing arts in Wilkins
  36. Black belt brings martial arts tourney to Bayside
  37. Man chokes dog to death after attack
  38. Javelins: Still Applicable to Modern Martial Arts?
  39. LOL in ur skoolz punching ur childz
  40. Greg Lloyd is a bad mother... shut yo' mouth!