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  1. Pointless MSN article on women's self defense
  2. A Hall of Famer at age 12
  3. A unique school offering an education built around the ethos of judo
  4. Martial arts guru in hall of fame - John Casarez
  5. Thang-Ta, the ancient martial art of Manipur
  6. Yale university restricts theatrical weapons
  7. ESPN's Simmons says "Boxing is almost down for the count"
  8. "The Buddha had lousy kung fu."
  9. Canada's first and only all-female boxing club in Toronto
  10. Scientist trades career to be martial arts school owner
  11. Legal moves can't stop cage fight
  12. Former Karate Teacher Charged With Soliciting Student On Computer
  13. Serving another KungFoolSS classic
  14. CBS' Mike Miller: UFC "the worst league ever invented."
  15. Tragedy strikes area martial arts pro
  16. 'Parents, why do we have to work harder?'' he yelled. ''Because we're black,'' they..
  17. Why father of a special-needs child learned kung fu
  18. Morrell, 81, first in state to earn USJA eighth-degree black belt
  19. Ninja Home Invasion.
  20. Female jiu jitsu purple belt pins kickboxing standout to win referee's stoppage
  21. Taekwondo championship to allow hijab
  22. Liddell's pink toenails! - ESPN mag
  23. Sumo looks at toll on health
  24. Sports Illustrated MMA Story
  25. TKO Heavy bag filled stuffed with used underwear.
  26. Disappearing Army Ninja sentenced to 3 years for deserting Uncle Sam.
  27. Martial arts chief found dead in Iraq
  28. Fight Science II: Second Time's the Charm
  29. How Ultimate Fighting Became Big (Yahoo)
  30. Senior citizens learn to fight back with their canes
  31. 2-year old has become the youngest person in Leicester to win a martial arts ranking
  32. Knoxville Tennessee Karate Instructor has Unique Method of Teaching Teens
  33. Niles graduate to compete for Extreme Martial Arts title
  34. Residents over 50 taking up martial arts - Aikido
  35. Martial arts man jailed for rapes - whoa, not cool.
  36. Hiroyuki T. Hamada from Japan, is teaching a self-defense at Virginia Tech
  37. man in court for elmore style encounter with homeless man
  38. Martial arts fight promoter arraigned
  39. Jail sentence for lethal 'sucker punch'
  40. Claudio Franca gives a free BJJ Seminar for charity!