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  1. Martial arts 'a godsend' to autistic pair
  2. Ex-boxer KOs Happy-Slapper
  3. Dad jumps into wrestling match, tosses son's opponent out of ring [VIDEO INCLUDED]
  4. I'm not a good parent so I take them to karate
  5. Karate instructor has a light touch - and high blood pressure LOL Pic!
  6. Enter the Octagon
  7. Jeff Monson: The abominable Snowman
  8. "I had the sword extended. But that was all," he said.
  9. Woman, 76, attacked with a cane – but she was able
  10. (NEWS STORY) Police: U.S. seniors fight off muggers, killing one
  11. A black belt you can respect
  12. Karate instructor charged with Rape of a Child in the Third Degree
  13. TKD instructor arrested on 'Dateline NBC'
  14. Women, 60, pawns carjacker.
  15. Master Walter L. Lang promoted to Grandmaster
  16. Soccer fan punishes child’s foul with karate
  17. Tai Chi Chuan may benefit type 2 diabetes patients
  18. Former UFC fighter and BJJ Instructor Pleads No-Contest to Molestation Charges
  19. Boxing defeats multiples on t3h str33t
  20. Mugger slugs 101 yr.old woman
  21. Wife destroying evidence to help Karate teaching Husband
  22. Three more BJJ black belts - 13 years of hard work
  23. Winning boxing match may set a prisoner free in Thailand.
  24. When police were called to investigate a late night disturbance, they found.....
  25. Two more Kuk Sool Won 2nd Degree Black Belts! YAY CONGRATS!!
  26. Hockey Goon to fight MMA
  27. Woman literally fights off her demons with kickboxing
  28. WMAGC: Martial arts are non-violent, and violent words are bad.
  29. ESPN: Boxing is the toughest sport in the world.
  30. Kickboxing and brain damage
  31. Karate instructor arrested for rape
  32. BJJ version of 'family does martial arts together'
  33. Scaling Back Violence of MMA
  34. Kung fu master keeps bailiffs at bay
  35. Philippines bans boxers from Thai fights
  36. 6-year-old boy earns black belt in karate
  37. 'Karate grandfather' earns black belt
  38. Martial Arts Expert, Lieutenant X, Offers Free Tips on How to Kick Tony Soprano
  39. Jackie Chan Launches Martial Arts Reality Show
  40. Budakon blends modern yoga and martial arts. GJJ?