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  1. Youngest American black belt
  2. "He had some karate skills"
  3. Martial artist seeks return to his career...
  4. MSNBC To Debut MMA Documentary Series
  5. Ex-boxing champ Durelle suffers stroke
  6. IFL To Raise $24 Million of Common Stock
  7. Dojo recognizes two with Down syndrome, three new black belts
  8. Mike Tyson arrested on DUI, drug possession charges
  9. "J-Lau" article in Feb '07 Ultimate Grappling Magazine
  10. KARATE TEACHER is JAILED for 2 years
  11. LOLLER he put a hogu on a BOB
  12. Woman Joins Fight Club
  13. Man Credits Hapkido For Bowling Success
  14. LV Karate Instructor Charged
  15. Strange dude with samurai sword helps out police officers.
  16. Genki Sudo retires at 28
  17. MSNBC
  18. For David Lambright, some things in life are worth fighting for.
  19. Steer Family All Earn Black Belts - Tae Kwon Do of course....
  20. Say it isn't so, a Brazilian jiujitsu champ charged with molesting boys!
  21. MMA fighter on Survivor
  22. ex-cop killed by samurai sword
  23. Bong Soo Han- RIP
  24. Grapplers beware, karate black belt proves eye jabs work!
  25. Brazilian jujitsu fighter, Wallid Ismail, sues business partners for $10 million
  26. Pros vs. Joes - Randy Couture
  27. Rival schools - blood sport - the real story!
  28. Local Newspaper article about my Dojo's founder
  29. Deadly LARPing? (Not strictly MA)
  30. Boxing Makes Comeback In British Schools.
  31. Wrestling suspended after herpes outbreak
  32. Senior lady sumos in Scotland....
  33. Young man uses karate to battle disability
  34. More than just karate being taught here
  35. Submission group has no instructors, but provides a chance to wrestle
  36. Sumo: Asashoryu accused of match fixing
  37. Deadly game leaves family, community searching for answers
  38. Former HS Wrestler/Boxer Pwns Massive Perv
  39. Martial artist receives 7-years for fatal kick to the head of drunken patron...
  40. Nunchaku result in arrest for UK delivery driver