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  1. God Damned Discovery Channel...
  2. Karate kid, 12, breaks 15 stone mugger's nose
  3. Bill Goldberg in the WFA.
  4. Film director Uwe Boll challenges critics to a boxing match
  5. Today: Front Page Article on MMA in NYTIMES
  6. Father of molested boy shoots karate instuctor who did the deed
  7. The Fight Network?
  8. Samuel Scott Inducted into World Head of Family Sokeship International Blackbelt Hall
  9. A True Drunken Master - Intoxicated Jackie Chan
  10. Martial arts nutburger ambushes & beats victims mercilessly with nunchucks
  11. Cowardly martial artist beats up female video store clerk...
  12. TKD team kidnapped in Iraq
  13. Stalker martial arts instructor sentenced to prison...
  14. Sumo confuses sport with 'pro-rasslin'
  15. Family wallops would-be robber, wraps things up for police
  16. Would-be robber beaten up by family in West Palm Beach
  17. 55-year old Canadian stabs bear to death
  18. WFA review in the L.A. Times
  19. 80-year-old British pensioner foils knife-wielding burglar with larger knife
  20. Quebec wrestler pleads guilty to reduced charge in death of teen girl
  21. Karate man defies odds, amazing recovery
  22. Boxing Ontario OK'd mismatches
  23. Karate teaches BJJ for Rape Defense???
  24. Why Kungfoolss loves martial artists...
  25. Wow! Katas are good for something.
  26. Kameda wins light flyweight championship
  27. Karate instructor teaches students to pull guard
  28. 76 year old woman earns black belt!
  29. Chuck Norris may get his own bridge in Hungary...
  30. Martial-arts lessons deliver painful blow to wallet
  31. Sentence in choking death jolts victim's kin
  32. Karate instructor still not charged in molestation case
  33. tkd chases off 20 men
  34. Home Invaders Beware!
  35. Kenyan women fight back against rape
  36. Aikido -- the non-violent RBSD!!
  37. Bodog Wraps Filming for Series
  38. Research reinforces findings that Chinese exercises benefit older adults
  39. Oh look, a krotty school in a mall!
  40. Slate Travel Writer on BJJ in Brazil