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  17. octagenarian street nurse
  18. Hughes faces King Georges (The Ottawa Sun)
  19. Sentencing in progress after a knife attack that left one dead, one injured
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  22. Potential #1 NBA Pick a UFC Fan
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  24. Next up for UFC champ Matt Hughes is Canadian contender Georges St. Pierre (CP via Yahoo! Canada News)
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  29. Not enough Chi
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  31. UFC legend Miletich returning to ring (Quad-City Times)
  32. Ex-Marine took on four armed attackers!
  33. TKD Blackbelt killed by balloon
  34. Welcome to campioniilsogno.com (Campioni il sogno)
  35. New commish says free boxing tix on up-and-up (Las Vegas Business Press)
  36. Grudge Match (MetroActive)
  37. Angry man bites police car in arrest
  38. All-American wrestler from Deer Valley now pro cage fighter (Glendale Star)
  39. Cage fighting draws new fans, takes (San Jose Mercury News)
  40. Pride MMA star, Hayato "Mach" Sakurai, no match for joe 6-pack