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  1. Catholic priest blows away mayor, wounds mayor's son, with 9mm handgun
  2. Wow look at this guy's head!
  3. Sign your daughters up for Pinkarate now!
  4. Brazilian Jujitsu /Tae-Kwon Do expert jailed
  5. Bruce Lee Musical in the Works; David Bowie Songs May Feature
  6. Kickboxing Tournament turns into Gang War
  7. Madman holds city hostage with....a pellet gun?
  8. MySpacer challenges Joe Rogan
  9. Russian Software Developer Beats Pirate in Boxing Ring
  10. Sammy Franco impresses the Washington Post
  11. Former Boxer Clifford Etienne convicted of crime spree
  12. Boxer James Butler Pleads Guilty in Death of Writer
  13. An Interview with Anarchist Jeff "The Snowman" Monson of the Ultimate Fighting Champi
  14. The HeadHunter
  15. This is why most burglars scope out a house before deciding to rob it.
  16. Naseem Hamed Pleads Guilty to Driving Charge
  17. Iranian police get stranglehold on fake wrestlers
  18. Royce Gracie jujitsu loses to the knife...
  19. Speak softly ...and carry a 'Ninja stick?'
  20. Why phil elmore FEARS panhandlers...
  21. 'Karate kids' rescued after Japan mountain quest to seek Karate master.
  22. Get your licks in on a Champion!
  23. Boxer sentenced to nearly 30 years for killing sports journalist
  24. 4 year old girl graded in TKD
  25. ATF vs Ninjas = Hilarious
  26. WTF Officials Arrested In Corruption Probe
  27. UGA Ninja Arrested...
  28. Kotooshu First European Ozeki
  29. Hoping to bring MMA into the mainstream with MMA Leagues
  30. SPOTLIGHT: Koryo Martial Arts - Richmond Times Dispatch
  31. TMG cops taking crash course in martial arts - INQ7.net
  33. 2nd International Martial Arts Games to Be Held - The People's Korea
  34. MARTIAL ARTS: Owens does well to beat seasoned professional - Peterborough Evening Telegraph
  35. Priyanka trains in martial arts - Apun Ka Choice
  36. Judge finds martial arts instructor guilty of rape, child porn - Boston Globe
  37. UFC Results from So-Cal - The Sweet Science
  38. Forrest Griffin, Tito Ortiz clash in Anaheim in UFC 59: Reality Check (CP via Yahoo! Canada News)
  39. HAMMOND: Ironheart Crown expands to 15 bouts (Northwest Indiana Times)
  40. Veteran Tito Ortiz defeats Forrest Griffin at UFC 59: Reality Check (Canada.com)