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  1. Tyson to ref first UK Cage Fight Championships. Neurosurgeon condemns "dogfighting."
  2. An Interview With UK's Olympic Silver Medal Boxer
  3. Keysi Fighting Method: Ideal for Film?
  4. BJJ-based system "instills a warrior ethos" for guardsmen
  5. State Commission Sought for Mixed Martial Arts Bouts
  6. Women complete grading in Maori (New Zealand) martial arts
  7. Most math majors can't break arms, throw somebody over their shoulders
  8. Delray wreck kills martial arts champ
  9. Modern Army Combatives?
  10. Re: Self Defense Against Rape Becomes Death Sentence for Victim
  11. Karate kid wowing many in wheelchair
  12. Aussie fined for touching US moviegoer
  13. Taekwondo Grannies
  14. Gas Station Clerk Fights Back
  15. Martial arts teacher pleads not guilty to fondling
  16. Defense Class Aims to Thwart Sexual Predators
  17. Yes, standing in cold water elevates your chi
  18. Martial Arts in Nepal No Longer Illegal
  19. Woman accuses martial arts instructor of sexual battery
  20. Australia's boxer politician laughs off punch
  21. Former Heavyweight Boxer Indicted in Death
  22. Martial Arts History Museum in Talks for Potential Location
  23. Ex-Heavyweight Boxing Champion Page Hospitalized
  24. Pro Martial Arts gang robs 53 million
  25. Karate Teacher Admits Breaking Into Home of Twin Sisters
  26. The Gentlemen's Fight Club
  27. Soccer player fined for attack on referee
  28. The Governator Will Appear At MMA Event in Ohio
  29. Granny BJJ wins again!
  30. California readies for first MMA fight after ban lifted
  31. MMA Gets A Fighting Chance (Austin)
  32. 50-year old Russian woman has started practicing karate to protect her 22-year-oldson
  33. Sword falls, kills boy in FL>
  34. Blind female Ju-Jitsu champion, a braver individual than phil elmore.
  35. Kempo instructor molests students on Long Island
  36. FOX sports gives positive coverage of UFC
  37. Japanese officers view Marine martial arts program
  38. Only wimps do taekwondo...
  39. "Trying to reclaim martial arts' original intent: to live a God-centered lifestyle"
  40. Karate/TKD? Instructor Arrested For Child Abuse *Wrong section - GG