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  1. Another Bruce Lee statue - Seattle wants in
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  3. Grandma stops burglar with Martial Arts
  4. British gang beatdown w. teenage girl and nunchaku
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  7. Argh, Tae Kwon Do wins over boxing
  8. Fresno Martial arts teacher dies...
  9. "BJJ is gay!"
  10. Classes in Medieval German Swordsmanship - "Not For Competition"
  11. Newest Volume of The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Scientific Wrestling
  12. BJJ blue belt on the run after molesting girl
  13. Calls for samurai sword ban after man is stabbed through the heart
  14. U.K. martial artist kills his parents and then attends a concert
  15. Diver fights off shark
  16. Class offers women a fighting chance
  17. Blind Muay Thai fighting!?!?!?
  18. Karate Kid Hits Dojo With Suit
  19. 'Karate Kid' perv case set to begin
  20. Wacko Jason "Mayhem" Miller news update
  21. 'Taekwondo jogger raped and killed'
  22. MMA: "Last year's law was a start, now the legislature needs to follow up"
  23. Instructor Jimmy Higgins, found not guilty
  24. "Sifu" Lorens San Pedro
  25. And another one ...
  26. Female wrestler suspected of killing is arrested.
  27. Kiefer Sutherland is Drunk... Again
  28. Chop for a cop Martial arts students break boards to aid injured officer
  29. Young man with autism beats odds to earn black belt in karate
  30. Nurse beats back fear with martial arts
  31. Carlson Gracie Passes Away
  32. Punching Horse May Land Man in Deep Doodoo
  33. Committee asked to create a commission to govern prize fights at Crystal Centre
  34. Karateka vs Parrots!
  35. Naked Man Charges Two Moving Cars in Wis.
  36. Karate Girls - Rising block on a goring goat!
  37. New Move Nets Karate 1.5million
  38. Joe Esposito Attains 10th Dan in Kenpo Karate
  39. Cop Shoots 2/3 Attackers, Killing One
  40. Chinese college students take the law into their own hands to stop thieves