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  1. Joe Rogan to fight Wesley Snipes?
  2. "Ground grappler" mother disarms and kills serial rapist with his own firearm
  3. MMA - 'no longer barbaric'
  4. Police Hit Man in Genitals With Taser
  5. Pat "Mr. Miyagi" Morita Dead at 73
  6. Bruce Lee unites the Croats/Bosnians hell the whole of Eastern Europe really...
  7. Bosnia's statue preceeds Hong Kong's
  8. '[Sumo] cap on foreigners may cripple the sport''
  9. Woman, 76, Fends Off Teen Girl
  10. Slain By Samurai Sword
  11. Increasingly commercialised Shaolin 'in keeping with tradition', says Shi Yongxin
  12. Grand-master challenges other local black belts to point-sparring match
  13. Karate - Children learn to stand up for themselves
  14. No charge for killing 10yr old son during alleged ju jitsu
  15. Boxing too d3adLy for teh str33t!
  16. Banana Boy Arrested After Faux Fight
  17. Judo club wins court fight for negligence
  18. Wacky canadian martial artist beaten to death on camping trip
  19. "Through Musashi, I want to spread the mind & spirit of the Japanese", says sensei
  20. Woman 'bashes cabbie', knocks self out
  21. 'Beckham of sumo' says just doing his job
  22. Quik Stop jitsu
  23. Jet Li gives kung fu films the chop
  24. Man pulls knife on martial artist store manager.
  25. Martial arts family fights domestic violence - 50 cent ain't got nothing on her
  26. Clerk Karate Kicks Would-Be Thief
  27. Newcastle Taxi Driver Escapes 'Double Bayonet'
  28. TKD: Good for Stamping on Drunks
  29. Chicago Daily Herald attacks McDojos and bullshido
  30. MMA Instructor teaches RBSD as well
  31. Ian 'the Machine' Freeman to star in new film
  32. Oregon Surfer Punches Shark in the Nose
  33. President Putin dons kimono in front of Yamashita
  34. What the hell is 'shicata'?
  35. When 1000 words make you want to laugh manically then commit suicide in despair
  36. California Sanctions MMA
  37. Serial Killer kills entire Judo family
  38. Ex-Boxing Champ Charged With Shoplifting
  39. 5 year old boxing girl!
  40. 'Kung Fu' Dance Troupe Comes to Vancouver