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  1. Bringing pain to Plains
  2. Article on Fyodor Yemelyanenko/Fedor Emelianenko
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  4. Coffee FTW!
  5. Man teaches dog kick-boxing
  6. "Teenage martial arts expert" arms himself and is beaten
  7. Girl Fights Pit Bull - 10-Year-Old Saves Dog During Walk
  8. Ninjas rob 7-Eleven
  9. A real McDojo - Kungfu Fast Food
  10. When picturing a martial arts instructor, a 10-year-old girl isn't usually the first
  11. Karate black belt fights off cops,takes three tasers, does high kick into lake,drowns
  12. Lady Fight Club - RBSD
  13. Lincoln boy kicks cerebral palsy, works toward black belt
  14. Drugs and bribes claims hit China's Olympic rehearsal
  15. Fight like Filipinos - Martial arts technique boasts use of weapons
  16. Daughter says Ali's health is getting worse
  17. Male cop takes place of woman
  18. Burglar flees 102-year-old who was ready to fight
  19. World Boxing Council women's strawweight title fought for in prison
  20. Martial arts at the East Asian Games
  21. Man Kills Buck With Bare Hands In Bedroom
  22. Rob Schneider kung fu movie
  23. Tony Jaa (Ong Bak) article, on the release of his new film
  24. Gatka expert murders judge with sword
  25. TUF 2 More Popular than College Football
  26. Eye gouge defeats rapist
  27. Victory Fighting returns to MAC
  28. those silly ninjas
  29. Washburn student dominates female fighting ranks
  30. You donít need a black belt in Tae Kwon Do to protect yourself from harm
  31. Coimbatore Karate-kid in Guinness book - 24 hrs of kata
  32. Boy found dead with toy weapon - uh oh...
  33. WC Guy from Jim Fungs place breaks punching record
  34. Female Fighter Sees Beauty in her Trade
  35. Iowa State Asst Head Coach Ready For New Challenge
  36. Learn How To Swing A Sword, 'Medieval Irish Celtic Knight' Style
  37. Shaolin Temple Reality TV Show
  38. Choked to death in a streetfight....
  39. Article on Rich Franklin (TUF 2) from The Cincinnati Enquirer
  40. Wing Chun not 100% useless!?