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  1. Women Take to Martial Arts for Defense & Discipline
  2. No more foreign sumo wrestlers allowed
  3. Anthony Torres in Hawaii local press
  4. Article on Falaniko Vitale from Honolulu Advertiser
  5. Swedish Minister of Sport seeks to ban all full contakt martial arts
  6. Bruce Lee a symbol of unity in divided Bosnia town
  7. Brief article on Tom Lamont, Irish MMA champ, apparently soon to appear on BBC
  8. Football Coach Whups Car Thief
  9. Street Tactics founder Bruce Drago arrested for molestation
  10. kung fu acadamy front for prostitution
  11. Karate kicks cancer~!!!!
  12. Karate program does not accept you if you did drugs or alcohol
  13. Blind karate - Just because someone has a disability doesn't mean they can't do it
  14. Old article on Jim Arvanitis, specifically mentioning Bullshido.com
  15. 'Lehigh martial arts instructor charged with child cruelty'
  16. 'Nunchakus attacker did it 'for food'
  18. Alf Delbrucco - 'hard-core street Wing Chun'
  19. Boxer Dies From Injuries Suffered In Title Fight
  20. Kenshiro Abbe 50th Celebrations
  21. How to fail the cops WAT test (walk-and-turn)
  22. 9th National Level Self-Defence Championship
  23. Sensei, what to do? This drunk charge you with weapon!!!
  24. Ex-kickboxer and fifth-degree black belt wanted for triple murder
  25. An Australian surfer fought off a shark with his bare hands
  26. "Dancing can be so dangerous"
  27. Karate Belt Kills 12-Year-Old Girl
  28. Edinburgh Evening News and the Daily Mirror - continuing ignorance of MMA
  29. National Martial arts day October 15
  30. Kidnapping Suspect Was Girls' Martial Arts Instructor
  31. Martial Arts Move Halts Attacker
  32. Karate helps hyperactive youngsters
  33. Americans see hope in their expanding waistlines.
  34. Breaking wooden boards for royalty and teaching girls self-defence...
  35. 'Martial Arts Olympics' in Chungju, Korea
  36. The Vatican: Boxing is a "legalized form of attempted murder."
  37. Sioux Falls, S.D., rest easy as nefarious midnight ninja nabbed
  38. Boy, 12, tries to set Guinness kick record
  39. Tae kwon do black belt arrested on Minnesota murder warrant
  40. Martial arts expert alleged drug kingpin