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  1. Man jailed for two years after breaking wife’s arms
  2. Sumo wrestlers do battle in Tokyo
  3. Who wants a feel good story?
  4. Could You Defend Yourself If Attacked?
  5. The Cagewarriors Fighting Championships Make A Successful Return To Coventry With Str
  6. Coach pays 7 year old $25 to assault autistic kid with baseball-fu
  7. Teach yourself, your kids, to be 'street smart'
  8. Hong Kong to erect Bruce Lee statue
  9. Martial arts mastery - Newark sensei earns third degree black belt
  10. '10 unforgettable in-flight fights'
  11. Yet another ignorant MMA review...
  12. Deputy District Attorney affirms Brazilian Jujitsu chokehold used to kill...
  13. NPR: Making Something Out of the 'Fight Club' Trend
  14. Fan-favorite Penn too much for Gracie
  15. US outsourcing torture?
  16. The war on wood and brick continues
  17. Ber bottle is teh r34l _ing _un
  18. Golf Rage...
  19. Students take Krav Maga training to t3h $tr34t!one!. Raise police interest.
  20. La. Police: Barking Man Bites Mail Carrier
  21. Gang Members Riot in Guatemalan Prisons
  22. Chung Moo Do/Oom Yung Doe: 'We Call It Life Art, Not Martial Arts'
  23. Instructor Allegedly Duct Taped Students
  24. Another City Council Passes a "Cage" Fignting Ordinance
  25. Jet Li retiring from Kung Fu flicks
  26. Walmart employees kill shoplifter
  27. BJJ > Rape
  28. Ninja wanted for questioning
  29. Physics Takes on Martial Arts
  30. Chris Cozzone: Albuquerque's ultimate fighters hit prime time
  31. Man Kills Son teaching him martial arts
  32. Copacabana Capoeira
  33. Wing Chun Wins Again
  34. Martial arts league becomes major moneymaker for casino operators
  35. Blackbelt TV!?!
  36. Store Owner fends off Robber with Katana
  37. Drunk picks fight with bear
  38. MMA article from Tallahassee Democrat, 'Mixing up the Pain'
  39. Robert Downey Jr overcomes personal problems...through Wing Chun?
  40. Uh, Ex-sumo wrestler nabbed over group muggings