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  1. For Villasenor, it's about pride
  2. Substance abusers get help through karate
  3. Karate helps her ballet
  4. Discipline of martial arts proves just what some need
  5. If You hated the movie you really hate Karate, Kid! The Musical
  6. How big is MMA in Hawaii: Akebono, Penn on July 29 card
  7. N.Y. has already gone a few rounds with the sport
  8. In the ring with mixed martial arts trainer
  9. Bond Denied for Karate Teacher
  10. Another karate helped her discipline thing
  11. Fighting Encouraged in Manassas School
  12. Tai Chi Reduces Falls in Older People: New Study Confirms Earlier Reports
  13. K-1 Returns To Sin City With Mayhem At The Mirage
  14. Practitioner of Historical European Martial Arts gets stabbed in the face
  15. Korean University develops Kendo practicing robot.
  16. She got away from her attacker by landing a karate chop on his jaw
  17. Parents Look for Mental, Physical Benefits from Martial Arts
  18. Marine Shares Combat Skills With Other Services
  19. Shopkeeper Prevents Robbery With Coffee
  20. Woman, 73, Fights Off Man With Books, Kick
  21. Two of Trower's students win six-foot tall trophies in Baltimore (Chin breaking too!)
  22. La Sala breaks sticks and stones, as well as bones
  23. Blindfolder tournament fighting.
  24. “As a Jew, you must be able to defend yourself.”
  25. Kindness may be the ultimate form of self-defense. 3rd degree BB in MMA!!
  26. Broom-wielding teenager catches bank robber
  27. Conkel tries to balance training with a full-time job and family
  28. No holds barred - Good article
  29. Bruce Lee's Amazing Comeback sorta
  30. Karate teacher has trained many who have disabilities
  31. A husband and wife who own a tae kwon do school climb to the top of their martial art
  32. Instructor says self defense classes benefit kids
  33. He's "breaking boards and barriers" for a special cause.
  34. Man Allegedly Bites Off Officer's Finger
  35. Drug abusers find hope in karate
  36. There's more to karate than fighting
  37. This is sick.......
  38. Jiu-Jitsu coach gives lessons to younger brother
  39. Women's self defense course produces results!
  40. China's Shaolin monks barred from teaching kung fu in Taiwan