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  1. Martial Arts Expert Charges with Helpling Al-Qaida
  2. Local wrestlers qualify for Universaide Games
  3. Wrestling Coach Inducted to Hall of Fame
  4. Martial arts expert accused of training Al Qaida
  5. Taekwondo Teen Headed To South Korea For Friendship Games
  6. Taekwon-do black belt for boy, 10
  7. Sumo elder Futagoyama dies from mouth cancer
  8. Brock Lesnar-WWE "No-Compete" Update
  9. Father and son return to karate after harrowing motorcycle mishap less than a year ag
  10. Students in Malaysian state to learn karate against bullies
  11. The Secret is Out: One-on-One with The Ultimate Fighter Winner Forrest Griffin!
  12. Cage Fighting Comes to Sioux Falls
  13. White Oak pastor's ministry involves mind and body
  14. Porn Director Makes Movie Foreign Women Saving Sumo At College
  15. One Legged 10 Year Old Boy Gets His Junior Blackbelt
  16. Martial Arts Therapy
  17. Sergeants mix martial arts
  18. Fight Forrest, Fight!
  19. Sports federations to urge IOC members to keep existing Olympic prog(Karate Included)
  20. McDojo sweeps through Europe
  21. Class helps kids kick their anger
  22. Locals find new martial art Kuk Sool Won-derful
  23. Huard's Ju-Jitsu & Karate Students $10,000 given to Children's Miracle Network
  24. BJJ's aren't the only one’s skilled in the utilization of choke holds...
  25. D.S.E. Victorious in Lawsuit
  26. After 10-day SFD course, New Delhi women claim they can now protect themselves...
  27. Stephen Hayes appears on the Dr. Phil show!
  28. Fitness fanatic faces gruelling day
  29. Bruce Lee: The legend
  30. Sumo wrestling is causing more concussions
  31. With his size-3 foot, he can snap a 3/4-inch pine board - or a grown man's shinbone
  32. How Phrost would probably retaliate if you trashed his car
  33. Knockout/Tapout
  34. Tyson Looks Fit for Wrestling or MMA
  35. Four victims allege assault against Newmarket Tae Kwon Do instructor
  36. Dying for a moment makes you learn to punch people
  37. tai-chi for lazy people.
  38. Martial arts grand master shares his knowledge with Marines at Quantico
  39. Master of the 'art of stealth'
  40. Black belt claims disabilities fraudulently