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  1. Local women box for sport, to pound out fitness goals
  2. Irish Kickboxer shot dead
  3. Reminder: boxing is dangerous
  4. Real life Million Dollar Baby?
  5. Law Expands Right to Kill in Self-Defense
  6. Woman boxer dies during match
  7. Former Boxer Vinny Paz Loses License
  8. 'Father, son get a kick in learning martial arts' (pic)
  9. Warrior Fighting Challenge event turns into full blown riot
  10. The American Shootfighting Academy in Springfield
  11. Those Wacky Canadian asian gangs, anyone heard from PizDoff lately?
  12. Kickboxer Jailed For Manslaughter
  13. Youth, officials gather at Moore Intermediate to fight against violence
  14. Number cruncher takes a shot at fighting - Good MMA article
  15. But Tang Soo Do isn't karate....right?
  16. Flesh says ‘no,’ spirit says ‘yes’
  17. Puvaneswaran delivers first gold for Malaysia
  18. Ultimate Fighter 2
  19. Britain's Youngest Black Belt
  20. Victim to Victor: The story of a MMA champ!
  21. Blind confidence - Judo article
  22. 3 more RP jins lose in world tilt
  23. Don't mess with 'the little guy'
  24. Master Chi will help you get start fighting obesity!
  25. "its all sweet bro"
  26. World featherweight champion barred from town centre pubs
  27. The Usefulness of Martial Arts Books and Videos
  28. Times Herald Article: Bullshido in my Backyard
  29. Emergency: Martial arts are to be provided in EVERY SCHOOL!
  30. First black? shotokan Karateka returns to hero's welcome
  31. Million-dollar risk?
  32. Cagewarriors Ultimate Force Announce A Change Of Venue For Their April 30th Ultimate
  33. Jack Osbourne - MT Fighter
  34. Zombies are REAL??!?
  35. ninja no match for modern technology.
  36. Glaube Feitosa wins in vegas.
  37. Gordons offer Grafenwöhr free instruction in Kokoro Ryu system
  38. Who wants another hippie Tai Chi article?
  39. Moms, kids learn art of self-defense
  40. If only they knew Judo