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  3. Kneeing aliens in the head (pic)
  4. Teen Kidnapping...How not to do it.
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  9. Doctor's study finds martial arts helps control disorder
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  12. Kung fu experts concerned over children using choking technique for thrills
  13. A tussle in Japan's sumo world over the right to wear pants in the ring
  14. Police arrest KungFoolSS attempting to discredit stylists
  15. Boys kill friend using "Mortal Combat" video technique
  16. TSK commercial to air on The Ultimate Fighter
  17. Karate master convicted of disorderly conduct, other charges dismissed
  18. Local Bullshido artist charged with sexual assault
  19. Avoiding Bad Decisions in Boxing
  20. 'Groups raising funds to send fighter to China' + Caption this pic!!
  21. Hilo Gracie and one man's journey
  22. Kumdo Helps 60-Year-Old Overcome Lost Eyesight
  23. Kung Fu Revolution
  24. Watch Piz Doff mock yet another article
  25. How to get fighting fit
  26. 3rd degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo wins Jiu-Jitsu world championship
  27. Self-defense classes make women feel stronger, empowered
  28. Cyber-sabre provokes real death
  29. Judo judges to try out video aids
  30. Accepting No Excuses - Inspiring article
  31. KOTC to make Canadian debut!!!
  32. Manny Pacquiao wants kids to be lawyers
  33. Pencak silat bets win Paris Open overall title
  34. Is it right to pit man against woman in a contact sport?
  35. Questions to ask on your first visit to a Martial Arts School
  36. Shaolin Temple Involved in New Film
  37. Appeal of professional no-holds-barred fighting turns man's life around
  38. The 'Random News Not Worth Its Own Thread' Thread
  39. One of Wales' top female martial arts fighters has fought 100 rounds against men in t
  40. Kick-boxing training helps woman fight off carjackers