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  1. Once-fearsome boxer in longest fight of life
  2. Canada has five new BJJ black belts
  3. Boxers train by watching kung-fu flicks!!!
  4. Another cop turns to MMA
  5. R.A.D. Self-defense! (What's with the chambered fists?)
  6. But James wasn't worried - he has a cell phone.
  7. Commentary: Kung-fu moves lack sufficient manliness
  8. This article ain't bad, picture is funny though.
  9. "Martial arts has been good for our mind, body and spirit,"
  10. Former high school wrestling coach charged with molesting student
  11. A self-defense instructor's 'just say no' message packs a wallop
  12. Whoa......wheelchair fencing
  13. Ex-martial arts teacher accused of molesting girls
  14. Student to combine karate, viola music
  15. Slap to the face -> Chambered right hand (pic)
  16. Boxing movie wins Oscar Gold
  17. Pimp vs. Karate
  18. Krav Maga doesn't care about making you a better person
  19. Even for a sumo wrestler, Kaido Hoovelson looks big.
  20. Another they do krotty article, but with a twist!
  21. Crossbow vs Nunchucks, knife and multiples
  22. martial arts demonstration in school prompts parents to notify police
  23. USA TODAY article on former SEAL and Ranger competing in College Wrestling
  24. Haha caption this Judo picture
  25. State representative John Lim wants to make schools teach MA
  26. The Uzbekistan sport of Kurash an upper-body-only martial art has come to Kent.
  27. A powerful judo throw from an elderly farmer thrawts armed robber!!!
  28. Death by samurai sword
  29. How to be crowned an Ultimate Champion without wasting your time with Pride & UFC
  30. So, you don't believe in the powers of the Ninja!?! Foolish mortals..
  31. Systema instructor scheduled to do 'Gun Defense seminar' found shot to death
  32. Boondocks Web Comic
  33. Second girl alleges abuse at karate school
  34. DEA agent shoots self in leg during gun-safety class Video
  35. Little Hercules
  36. Ronald Timothy Bean confirmed Thursday that he was a judo expert.
  37. Soon to be a black belt 7 year-old has maturity of 11 year-old
  38. Zen-Do is a relatively young martial art with only a handful of schools worldwide
  39. ...Shaolin Temple has urged China's legislature to enact a law to better protect ...
  40. Karate isn't just about fighting (It's about jumping double toe kicks)