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  1. Those very naughty voyeur karate instructors
  2. How the Vietnamese deal with martial arts criminals
  3. West Virgina Gov gets blackbelt in TKD
  4. Tiger Schulman center proves karate can use grappling & submission holds
  5. Posture found able to communicate fear, says Harvard researcher
  6. I SAID supersize it, dammit!
  7. Australia and their wimpy martial artists
  8. Martial arts robots hit Asian tech fair (NOT NEW BUT INTERESTING)
  9. Mauian first woman with 50 years in ki-aikido
  10. Karate instructor jailed in sex assault
  11. Student is badly hurt in vicious thug attack (student was Shotokan Club captain)
  12. the future of Brazilian jujitsu
  13. krav maga self defense Bullshido for women, but is it better than nothing?
  14. A minute with Josh Rafferty (contender on 'Ultimate Fighter')
  15. kempo karate schools fund raises for tsunami victims
  16. American Dragon Kenpo Karate teaches self awareness
  17. TKD Instructor/officer praised by superiors after charged with assault
  18. Karate vs HR Block
  19. Government does the right thing and tries to stop TKD
  20. What do waist chambered punches have to do with self-defense?
  21. Brazilian Sumo
  22. Would you send your children to the Teoul Moon Kung-Fu school in San Bernardino?
  23. Will break bones for belt (UFC Fighter Article)
  24. 'Academy of Gymnastics & Martial arts' owner attempts to rewrite Court history
  25. Getting their kicks in (I hate this overused joke)
  26. Jujitsu instructor charged with sexual assault
  27. Investigators: Fighter Dies After Fighting In Toughman Contest
  28. Gracies instructing the 1st Battalion, 27th Field Artillery Regiment in H2H
  29. CMA Stylist runs from tsunami
  30. The stereotypical terrorist does martial arts?
  31. A fighting chance ('Ultimate Fighter' article)
  32. A special teacher - Chuck Eells leads karate classes despite having Lou Gehrig's.....
  33. 4th degree TKD master shot and killed in self-defense
  34. NYTimes 10 Feb Article about Shaolin
  35. "Ninjas give racist signs the chop"
  36. The first karate news article to even make KFSS say, "Oh my god..."
  37. Martial arts expert gets life for murder
  38. Shaolin Stlyist Has Blades Stolen, Then Charged
  39. Zen Day Care
  40. PHILADELPHIA to have martial arts high school