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  1. Sensei Anthony Ewing greets a student at his new Ewing Pai'Lum Kung Fu dojo Wednesday
  2. 9 Year old black belt and instructor
  3. British karate man with wooden sword frightens off 3 would-be burglars
  4. Cops take Nude stylist into custody
  5. Wrestler in street fight
  6. Ozzy wrestlers with robbers!
  7. Are stylists losers? Yep.
  8. Thanksgiving Road Rage Assault Hospitalizes Ft. Worth Black Belt
  9. Teen thug kicked hard in self-defense!
  10. Jinsub Chung practices a form of martial arts that dates back to 50 B.C.
  11. 90-year-old man still teaching kids judo
  12. Shaolin comes back to INDIA! aka massive training disasters...
  13. Ken Shamrock Training Martial Arts To US Marines (USMC)
  14. Karate school owner charged with stealing
  15. SCARS Practitioners Allegedly Abuse Captives
  16. Homeland security chief designee a BB
  17. TKD Class Assaulted With Vehicle
  18. Martial Coach Helps Martial Arts Pros Blast Through Success Barriers
  19. don't fight the police when you're naked
  20. 12-year-old karate gal fights off sexual predator
  21. Ultimate Fighting aims for a smash hit in Phila.
  22. Heh, even dancers are having troubles getting insured
  23. How do you spar a dude in a wheelchair?
  24. HA HA HA Let's all laugh at the cripple
  25. Polite brawlers are Oxford tradition -- Bullingdon Club
  26. among the most surprising sights in the Arab world: an all-female squad of bodyguards
  27. Old man kills couger with pocket knife
  28. Jean Claude van Damme is a "superhero", wants to fight in K-1
  29. Croatian monastery, the european Shaolin temple
  30. No Holds Barred - Blah blah blah BJJ
  31. "Grandmother opens martial arts studio" - What is that move!??!
  32. Excellent excellent MMA article.
  33. 'Car thieves keeping busy in Merced' Taking TKD = stolen cars
  34. K-1 SPOILERS + article
  35. Cross-dressing and BJJ
  36. Man fends of Tazer with Machete
  37. Taekwondo works on women...
  38. Bouncers Kill black patron with 12 minute RNC
  39. Martial arts expert who beat woman savagely is back on the police force
  40. 4th degree martial arts Wacko free after assaulting Mountie