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  1. Martial Artist Tied Up With His Own Belt
  2. Are the stylistic arts worth dying for? No way.
  3. Wrestling hits the beach!
  4. Female wrestling medalist charged in fatal accident
  5. Cock fighting or Knife Fighting gone Bad
  6. Credit Card Gun
  7. Girl attacked baby sitter with machete
  8. The Thai have tongue biting too! (And extreme neck conditioning too!)
  9. Boxer's daughter hopes book will ease incest guilt
  10. 'What I was really fighting at that moment was the instinct to blush'
  11. Can't eye gouge him, hard to throw him
  12. Police Say Woman Stabbed Husband's Penis + Grappling with Multiples!!! CALL SPRINGER!
  13. Why advertising the fact you know martial arts is Folly
  14. Prince-fu: Prince Harry assaults photographer
  15. Cop guilty but ...
  16. Karate master assualts woman bar
  17. And what a time for this article (sumo wrestler discrimination)
  18. Wing Chun helps a football player deal with larger opponents!
  19. Matheny's karate students earn yellow belts, confidence
  20. Bufy gets her swords from Japan, even if she's not supposed to.
  21. 'Teacher was defending herself because she took a shot in the hand' + Chair-Fu!!!
  22. Chinese monks eye Caledon for new temple
  23. "Extreme" fighter nabs armed robber
  24. Monks In tracksuits
  25. Note to self: don't rob a guy who's friend has a sword
  26. 'The Harlem Hammer' pleads not guilty to murder with a hammer
  27. How serious political discussions should be done
  28. 5,000 person Kung Fu Battle!
  29. Idiot MMA fighter maced by Cops unimpressed with his threats
  30. Three foot tall nine-year-old champion!
  31. I....don't get it?
  32. Martial arts expert fends off six attackers (Wing Chun?)
  33. navy seal attacks mma fighter
  34. Wrestler owned in street fight
  35. Girls to receive kick boxing lessons in anti-rape campaign
  36. Why are they all smiling like that?
  37. Swift-kicking Thai granny gives robber the boot
  39. Martial arts expert found guilty in bouncer death
  40. 87-year-old Paducah woman likes to 'kick and punch'