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  1. federal air marshalls should take up wrestling
  2. Beauty queen judOwns kidnappers
  3. See what happens when you do TKD? DO YOU SEE?!?!
  4. Airmen take martial arts before deploying
  5. Monks battle inmates at MN prison!
  6. Monkey Muay Thai
  7. Taking a hold, Krav Maga makes gains in popularity
  8. 3 Year-Old Halfway to Earning His BlackBelt!!! Guess what art!?!?!
  9. With tae kwon do, Richland woman is kicking cancer
  10. Two Judokas Jump off a Balcony after Disagreement over Computer Solitaire...
  11. Sword Fight in Home Depot
  12. Thai policeman mistakenly tackles actor playing purse snatcher
  13. Street Fighting Man Goes Sport Fighting
  14. 74-year-old breaks thug's wrist
  15. Groping Grappler Thumps Pilot Lover
  16. Iranian Judoka refuses to take on Isreali?
  17. Kickboxers fight off rapists.
  18. Champion boxer stabbed to death
  19. Capoeira Mestre Attacked In Treptow, Germany
  20. Getting a lifetime kick out of karate
  21. Adriano Emperado Passed Away
  22. TKD BB foils robber.
  23. High quality Canadian gun-fu
  24. TKD is a tough sport, just look at the equipment a fighter must wear while competing
  25. Ban These Dangerous Weapons!
  26. Frank Rowe can't put a price tag on the value of mastering taekwondo.
  27. Bosnia to erect Bruce Lee Monument
  28. official: steroids are for romo's
  29. Karate workouts help football players
  30. Look I'm KUNGFOOLSS!!
  31. Cecilia Zhang's accused killer gets a Glasgow kiss
  32. karate beats multiple atackers
  33. Tae Kwon Do benefits individual participants of all ages, great family activity
  34. Karate Instructor Offered Plea Deal In Sex Abuse Case
  35. Muggers Outnumbered Two to Six
  36. The Contender - Entrant
  37. A no-bully pulpit
  38. Molester tangles with girl with judo skills
  39. Trainee rabbi Dismembered after martial Arts kick. Gay bar involved.
  40. Guns stolen at martial arts centre.......WHAT!?!?!