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  1. German kung-fu teacher get beat up
  2. Sambo teacher arrested on Child Rape and Pornography charges
  3. richard simmons gets the final laugh
  4. Man faces prison for biting off nose
  5. IOC Vice President Kim sentenced to 2 1/2 years for embezzlement and bribery
  6. In a dramatic arrest, dog bites man, then man bites dog!!!!
  7. Sapp To Make Big-Screen Debut
  8. Man Scares Off Robbers by Faking Seizure
  10. German 'Samurai' on the Loose in Woods Near Berlin
  11. Crooks in Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Heist
  12. Woman Bites Off Part of Boyfriend's Tongue - WTF?
  13. Man Robbed After Answering the Door Nude
  14. Muscle bound mutant 5 yr old
  15. The World Boxing Council president's take on K-1
  16. Wireless technology used in TKD
  17. Tiny Tigers Taught Telf-Tefence!
  18. Ninjas battle for gold in Mongolia's "Wild West"
  19. It's offical. UFC to Make Reality Show.
  20. "Baby Killer" Boxing in Olympics
  21. Don't try to shoot Mexican Boxers
  22. Not kung fu's finest hour...
  23. Too many Cooks don't spoil the pot: Family members grow as they learn Tae Kwon Do
  24. Bangladesh Postpones Women's Wrestling
  25. No holds barred in "cage fighting" debate
  26. He wasn’t going to let being hit by a car get in the way of his black belt.
  27. Woman battling a life-threatening illness represents ATA and kicks ass!
  28. Australians in great danger
  29. Weapons of Medieval Britain
  30. MA vs Gun - MA wins!
  31. Spike TV's New Low: 'Ultimate Fighting'
  32. lionel richie and lenny kravitz play bouncers during club brawl
  33. Women beaten with alligator.....WTF?!?!?
  34. "Former boxer on rampage in motel subdued by officers" Subdued? HE'S DEAD NOW!
  35. The female version of Patfromlogan
  36. Local karate kids shine at Junior Olympic Games
  37. West Point Karate School competes well
  38. Kicking to the top - More point sparring and Olympic sparring garbage
  39. Judoka foils robbery bid, but injured in bargain
  40. Guns? Forget guns, I have a pipe!