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  1. History of the Martial Arts Business
  2. Is Aikido a Martial Art ?
  3. [review] UK Systema seminar with Michael & Daniel Ryabko, 14-15 July, 2007
  4. Money and its Affects on the Martial Arts
  5. Why I'm a Supporting Member
  6. Hip-Hop and you, the Martial Artist
  7. Why I Choose to Be Recognised
  8. Tae Yun Kim thread attracts all kinds
  9. Alive or Dead: Analogies to Training
  10. Spread the Word: Your Martial Responsibility
  11. Short Story: A Wrestler's Solitude
  12. MMA and the Streets
  13. Not Without My Justice: The Aaron Boyd Story: By Aaron Boyd
  14. Not Without My Justice: The Aaron Boyd Story: Part II: Crisis in the Ashes
  15. Not Without My Justice: The Aaron Boyd Story: Part III: Cruise Control
  16. Not Without My Justice: Part IV: The Final Chapter (Cyber Seduction?): By Aaron Boyd
  17. You Are Not a Historian, So Think Before You Speak
  18. Inside the Mind of an Accidental Larper
  19. In Defense of the Fistfight
  20. MSD (Australian) - A Review
  21. TKD a history of dissapointment
  22. The Long, Long Road to Martial Arts
  23. New Years Goals, or, how to make sure that 2008 doesn't suck as much as 2007
  24. The costs of fighting
  25. A cop's kid journey
  26. cop's kids journey 2
  27. Outcraft
  28. The Revolution of Martial Arts
  29. Get Real!
  30. Language and Culture: Transmitting Judo
  31. The Scientific Method, Part I
  32. The Happeh Pseudoscientific Method, part Ad Nauseum.
  33. So I was a bouncer at a strip club...
  34. A Pimple On A Tough Man's Ass
  35. Review: Small Dojo Big Profits, Michael Massie
  36. Martial arts and Spirituality.
  37. Ninjas: An irrefutable analysis.
  38. Chicks DO Dig Scars
  39. The Tale of Dunkel Ananas, as told by Dunkel Ananas
  40. Pay Attention Or Get Pounded--Your Choice