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  2. Taekwondo investigation.
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  5. Semantics
  6. Klay Pittman - a critical look at his system
  7. karateinstructortraining.com: I probably don't need to say anything more, but I will.
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  9. London Dari Rulai Fa Yin Shaolin Temple - Sifu Aleem McKenzie - "Master Yu"
  10. Villari's: A discussion between myself and one of Villari's "Seven Dragons"
  11. Another Hall Of Famer: Remarkable Claims
  12. Holistic Fitness MMA - Wimbledon
  13. BJJ Black Belt - Erick Bonifacio Confirmed
  14. I Think My Krav Maga school is a Mcdojo
  15. The Sin The' Investigation: Transcripts and BS
  16. McSensei!?
  17. College instructor in STL
  18. Possible muay Thai mcdojo
  19. Temple Kung Fu returns! in Full force with threats
  20. European Jujutsu Jiujitsu Union and BJJ "dan"s
  21. Hom Do
  22. Sombo Instructors Josh Henson and Joe Neely-Legit?
  23. BJJ MMA gym in birmingham alabama claims on their website
  24. SSF McDojo or not?
  25. Aotearoa Martial Arts and Sir Gee Dorr - Kung Fu
  26. Florin's MMA
  27. Paredes Jiu Jitsu--Cary, NC
  28. Fake Black Belt? Fort Wayne, IN
  29. Dominion Martial Arts, Texas
  30. Head Instructor doesn't remember his teacher's name?
  31. WMMA World Tpur Hoax
  32. Tao Gung Fu Hornsby- Kerim Schaber
  33. Antonio Estepanian, BJJ brown belt and other spurious claims.
  34. Some Questions and thoughts on Investigations.
  35. Relson Gracie certified Fake Black Belt Name Roberto Scoca
  36. Who is Dale Miller?
  37. James Dutschke arrested for Child Molestation
  38. Brian Cheek and Jukoshin ryu Jiu-jitsu
  39. Certificate Verification
  40. Lloyd Irvin School Allegations: Investigative team forms here...