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  14. Ripped MMA / exfatkid / ryansrippedcombo / stevegotripped Supplements Scam
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  16. Performance Equity Partners Inc. tuition billing company
  17. Guided Chaos - Martial Realists: John Perkins
  18. Captain Chris?
  19. Where is the line for when Bullshido becomes Fraud?
  20. Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts in Canada?
  21. BEWARD: Edge Ultimate Martial Arts in Saddle Brook NJ
  22. MMA Training / Workouts
  23. Eye of the Eagle- Parramatta
  24. trainfightwin.com - questionable to say the least.
  25. Bullshido or just bullshido-ish
  26. Attica MMA - Christian "War God" Darrow, Long Island, NY
  27. Need to Recover lost cell phone data, IMPORTANT TO B.S. INVESTIGATION!!!
  28. Dschero Khan
  29. Possible diploma mill related to martial arts
  30. Joseph F. Connolly II: Judo and Academic Faker?
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  32. Aibudo, anyone?
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  35. Grand master sung baek for real? some questions?
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  37. Tony Mayo
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  39. Brandon Quick Now "Officially" Crosses The Line with NEW Ex-Special Forces Claim...
  40. Fred Neff