Astrophysicist and Science Ambassador Neil DeGrasse Tyson Accused of Sexual Misconduct

by Phrost | December 1, 2018 23:24

The Scientific community is not exempt from problems of predatory behavior, or out of the reach of the #MeToo movement; something that anyone not living under a rock would be aware of now. And for those of you in Geology who do live under rocks, someone in your field has probably been groped as well. We’ll find out about it as soon as the public remembers you exist.

In the past several years, accusations have been leveled at notable men including the founder of Skeptic[1] magazine, Michael Shermer[2], and noted atheism and science spokesman, Professor Lawrence Krauss[3]. Krauss was forced to retire after an investigation into the claims[4]. But while both are notable, Tyson has effectively been the face of modern Science in the United States, filling the role left in the wake of Carl Sagan almost directly, by hosting the revival of Cosmos: A Spacetime Oddessy. Tyson’s presence as a science communicator is so ubiquitous that he was even parodied in an episode of Key and Peele (which we used above, to troll some of you into angrily clicking this article—we have to eat too, you know).


Message from Amet Watson about Neil Degrasse Tyson

Message from Tchiya Amet accusing Neil Degrasse Tyson, obtained by Patheos.

The Atheist website Patheos has been detailing the ongoing, emerging accusations since 2017. So far it seems three accusers have come forward, one of which as accused Tyson of raping her when they were both grad students. And while the impulse to dismiss accusations seems to be strong in many in the community, given posts on social media when this story broke, Fox, the network producing Cosmos is taking them seriously and investigating.

You can read the full story over at Patheos[5].

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