47 Into the Manosphere

Not exactly a deep dive, kind of shallow… just the tip, really.

In this episode, Phrost and Jack do a short dive into the “Manosphere” —the corner of the internet that targets emotionally vulnerable dudes (mostly younger), and exploits that vulnerability to sell them garbage supplements, “how to get a date” programs, and much worse.

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Show Notes

Notable, if not noteworthy people mentioned in this podcast include:

  • Leeja Miller
  • Andrew Tate
  • Sneako
  • Nick Fuentes
  • Aiden Ross

Also, in this episode you might notice Phrost or Jack reference “Drake”, who was in fact not the (alleged) groomer/Canadian hip hop star, but actually Drake_2112, one of our Twitch subscribers hanging out with us while we recorded the epsiode—which we do live, on Thursdays, semi-weekly, on Twitch.tv/Bullshido.

Video of the show available to subscribers on Twitch, supporters on Patreon, or contributing members on our forums right here. Audio version available on nearly all platforms.

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Bullshido News
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