38 The Fentanyl Panic and Law Enforcement

The latest in a seemingly endless string of things for the public to be frightened of comes in the form of a drug that, while legitimately dangerous, has been portrayed as lethal to such an extent that skin contact with a miniscule amount sends people—in particular, law enforcement personnel—into immediate convulsions and ultimately the hospital.

Paramedic and podcaster Mark Edwards comes on the show to help sift facts from BS about not only this drug, but the darker side of law enforcement in the United States in general.

Here’s a clip from the recording:

Listen below, or on your favorite podcasting platform (search for “Bullshido” or “The Art of Fighting BS”.

Bullshido News
Bullshido News
Why are you even reading this part? This is like the back of a shampoo bottle. Go read another article or something.
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