28 Brian Brushwood of The Modern Rogue

You probably already know magician, comedian, and all-around character Brian Brushwood if you have spent more than an hour on the Internet. Among his various television shows, appearances, podcasts, and livestreams, Brian carries on a long tradition of magicians who use their craft to expose frauds and mystical BS going back to Houdini and the late James Randi.

Some of the shows Brian, along with Jason Murphy (episode 27) include:

Scam School, The Modern Rogue, and Night Attack.

He can be followed on Twitter @shwood.

Episode Starring: @shwood, @Phrost, jnp, submessenger Producers: Cory Cranfill, submessenger

Videos from the live recording of the episode will be available on the Bullshido YouTube channel here.

Listen Below or on your Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, or WinAmp (Llama Ass-Whipper) player feeds.

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Bullshido News
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