05 Andrew Vaillencourt

Andrew “Scrapper” Vaillencourt is a Science Fiction author and Engineer with a background in Judo and MMA that is incorporated into his fight scenes which is, frankly, a breath of fresh air to anyone who both enjoys SciFi and actually knows how to fight.

How many SciFi authors do you think can deadlift over 400 lbs?

We spend a good chunk of time talking about SciFi in today’s media landscape, veer down Bullshido forums memory lane for a bit, off a cliff about alcohol, and then everyone makes fun of Phrost for his choice of drink for that evening’s conversation. (Whatever, screw you guys).

You can check all his work on his website, and pick up both his “Fixer” and “Hegemony” series’ on Amazon, Audible, or a bunch of other places.

Book 1 of Vaillencourt’s “The Fixer” series. All ass-kicking cyborg mayhem, none of the sanctimonious bullshit politics.

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